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One of the cool things you can do with the Astra theme and the Astra Pro plugin is make your blog page look awesome with just a few clicks!

Install and Settings

First of all you need to install the Astra theme and the Astra Pro plugin. Once done, you’ll have a new Astra menu item in the WordPress dashboard. Go to Admin > Astra > Dashboard to see all the pro options that are available (there are a lot!):

Astra Menu in WordPress Admin screens

The one we are concerned with today is the Blog module. Scroll down to the Astra Pro Modules section and turn it on by clicking on the switch:

Turn on the Astra Blog Pro module from the Astra Dashboard

Now when I go to the customiser I’ll have a whole heap of extra options to style the blog page.


Customising the Blog Page

I’ve made some dummy blog posts with the Generate Dummy Posts plugin. Then I’ve gone to the blog page on the front end and clicked customise in the admin bar to open the customiser:

Go to blog page and click customise to get to the Customiser

Out of the box my blog page looks like this:

Basic blog page on the Astra theme

It’s looking pretty basic and unstyled, but that’s easily fixed. Click on Blog in the left hand menu to get to the options for the blog page, then click on the resulting “Blog/Archive” option to get to the full set of features:

Click on Blog/Archive to see the full set of features offered by Astra Pro's Blog Pro module

Blog Page Options

One of the great additional options that Astra Pro provides is being able to set the number of columns your blog page has. Scroll down the options until you get to the “Grid Layout” section:

Grid Layout section on Astra Pro Blog Pro Module

I’m going to set mine to 3 columns. The page is looking much better already:

Blog page in three columns using Blog Pro module of Astra Pro plugin

Columns Give you Extra Options

One of the things you’ll also notice is that choosing more than 1 column in the columns dropdown gives you a few extra options:

When you select columns > 1 you get extra column options on the Astra Pro theme

If I turn on “Add Space Between Posts” I get a boxed layout on the columns:

Add spacing between blog page columns with Astra Pro addon

I can also use “Remove Featured Image Padding” to make the featured image the width of the column itself while leaving the padding on the text of the post:

Remove padding from featured image on blog page with Astra Pro addon

I definitely prefer it with the padding, so will put that back!



This looks pretty good and one of the reasons for that is that all my posts are showing excerpts of the same length. If I go in and make a couple of them have really short excerpts the layout is not as aligned:

Empty space from having different lengths of excerpts - use Astra Pro masonry to fix this

This is a good opportunity to make better use of the space with the masonry layout (switch on “Masonry Layout” for this):

Masonry layout on Astra Pro Blog Pro module

Now each post takes up only the space it needs, and masonry looks really cool too!

Display Read More as Button

Another nice thing to do is to change the Read More link into a button:

Display Read More as a button on the Astra theme


There are other features in the blog customiser that you can explore, but as you can see, Astra Pro makes it really easy to style and layout your blog page nicely!


The featured image for this post is by Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash

Easily Customise your Blog Page Layout with Astra Pro

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